Rules and regulations

Beaver Cemetery Rules and Regulations : 1. Monuments shall be limited to one raised monument per lot with up to 4 flat markers for cremations. 2. All monuments and markers shall have a permanent cement foundation. 3. All flowers with the exception of funeral displays, should be planted in the ground, preferably in front of the main monument. 4. The cemetery reserves the right to remove all decayed flowers and outdated / damaged decorations within a reasonable length of time. 5.Shrubs and trees may be planted only with the permission of the Superintendent. 6. The care and maintenance of such trees and shrubs shall be the responsibility of the lot owners as this is not included in the regular Perpetual Care fee. 7.Perpetual care for shrubs and trees can be purchased separately. 8. Failure to pay the Perpetual Care fee or maintain shrubs will be cause for their removal. 9. In the event of severe weather a determination as to whether graves will be opened will be made by the Superintendent. 10. Personal sales of all lots or graves are prohibited and are to be done strictly by the Superintendent. 11. Unwanted lots or graves may be sold back to the cemetery by contacting the Superintendent. 12. All vaults shall have a convex cover. 13. The contour of all purchased cemetery lots shall remain the same as when purchased, unless it is deemed necessary to change by the Trustee's. 14. Up to four (4); cremations allowed per grave site.

Beaver Cemetery History

One of the oldest cemeteries in town, located in what is called “Beaver” in East Bridgewater, MA. The land was donated by the original families who lived in “Beaver” and unlike other cemeteries, is now owned by each lot owner and their family. When the cemetery was started each family took care of their own lots, but as years have gone by fewer and fewer families had taken on this responsibility and as a result the Trustees (board of lot owners) took over the job of maintenance and preservation of the cemetery. For over 100 years now the Proprietors have raised money through the Ladies Auxiliary, yard sales, fundraisers, and the sale of grave lots to support the General and Perpetual Care Funds. Today, families of loved ones in the cemetery continue to work together to maintain the preservation and history of Beaver Cemetery.

Lots for sale:

We currently have over 200 graves available for sale at $800 each. Graves are for both full burial and cremations. Please contact our Superintendent for more information.




Beaver Cemetery is a privately owned cemetery therefore, all necessary work is done on a very limited budget. 

We appreciate our volunteers and all the work they do to help keep the cemetery looking good, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be completed and volunteers and donations are desperately needed.  Please contact any of the officers listed below for ways you can help!

When making a donation please write your check to:  Beaver Cemetery and mail to P.O. Box 84, East Bridgewater, MA 02333.  All donations are tax deductible.  

We also have board members looking into applying for grants to assist in the day to day maintenance.  If anyone has more information regarding this possibility please contact us at beavercemetery@gmail.com 

Voted into office for the year 2017 are ...

  • Chairman - Brian Brock                 bnbrock@gmail.com or


If you would like to be added to our mailing list please send your name, address and email to beavercemetery@gmail.com to be included in phone calls regarding meetings and any work days that may be scheduled.  

If we are missing information on cemeteryfind.com regarding a relative who is buried at Beaver Cemetery, please notify us at beavercemetery@gmail.com so it can be updated correctly.






Email or Call us Today

Office Hours

P. O. Box 84

E. Bridgewater, MA 02333


Larry Allen - Superintendent                (508) 942-3681 or

Brian Brock - Chairman (774) 218-5235