Rules and regulations

Beaver Cemetery Rules and Regulations : 1) Monuments shall be limited to one raised monument per lot with up to 4 flat markers for cremations. 2) All monuments and markers shall have a permanent cement foundation. 3) All flowers with the exception of funeral displays, should be planted in the ground, preferably in front of the main monument. 4) The cemetery reserves the right to remove all decayed flowers and outdated / damaged decorations within a reasonable length of time. 5) There shall be NO shrubs and/or trees allowed to be planted at any of the grave sites. 6) In the event of severe weather a determination as to whether graves will be opened will be made by the Superintendent. 7) Personal sales of all lots or graves are prohibited and are to be done strictly by the Superintendent. 8) Unwanted lots or graves may be sold back to the cemetery by contacting the Superintendent. 10) All vaults shall have a convex cover. 11) The contour of all purchased cemetery lots shall remain the same as when purchased, unless it is deemed necessary to change by the Trustee's. 12) Up to four (4); cremations allowed per grave site.

Beaver Cemetery History

One of the oldest cemeteries in town, located in what is called “Beaver” in East Bridgewater, MA. The land was donated by the original families who lived in “Beaver” and unlike other cemeteries, is now owned by each lot owner and their family. When the cemetery was started each family took care of their own lots, but as years have gone by fewer and fewer families had taken on this responsibility and as a result the Trustees (board of lot owners) took over the job of maintenance and preservation of the cemetery. For over 100 years now the Proprietors have raised money through the Ladies Auxiliary, yard sales, fundraisers, and the sale of grave lots to support the General and Perpetual Care Funds. Today, families of loved ones in the cemetery continue to work together to maintain the preservation and history of Beaver Cemetery.

Lots for sale:

We currently have over 200 graves available for sale at $1,250 each. Graves lots are for both full burial and cremations. Each lot is allowed either one (1) full burial or four (4) cremations. A vault is necessary for cremations. Available Lots can be viewed on attached map. Please contact our Superintendent for more information.


    Chairman -
    Treasurer - Elisabeth Tyrell - EBBeavercemetery@gmail.com

    Secretary - Marilyn Lawson - EBBeavercemetery@gmail.com

    Superintendent Larry Allen - EBBeavercemetery@gmail.com

    Asst. SuperintendentScott Allen - EBBeavercemetery@gmail.com                



          Opening a grave          $1250 ($1450 for Saturday burials)   

          Cremation opening      $  600         

          Grave Sales                  $1250                               

          Maintenance fee          $  100                   

          Foundation per sq. ft   $   65           


    Our next annual meeting is due September/October 2022.  Date, time and location will be announced soon.  Due to the death of our Chairman, Paul Carlson, a new Chairman will be elected.  Until further notice please make all inquiries through our email address and they will be routed to the appropriate person.

    We want to take this time to acknowledge Paul Carlson for all the work and many hours he put in to the care of Beaver Cemetery.  It is only through people such as Paul that we were able to achieve our non profit status for the cemetery.  Paul put in many hours to have Beaver Cemetery registered as non-profit and we certainly appreciate all he did to get this established as well as all the years he served on the board. 


    All friends and family of Beaver Cemetery can now make donations directly to Beaver Cemetery by clicking the "Donation Button" below.  All donations are made directly into the Beaver Cemetery Account at Bluestone Bank in East Bridgewater, MA.   The cemetery needs a stone wall to be replaced and the lawn mowed and trimmed during the good weather.  All donations are tax deductible.  We greatly appreciate any donation, small or large to enable the members to keep this cemetery presentable.  

    Thank you for your continued help and support!

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    Office Hours


    Supt. -  Larry Allen - (508) 942-3681                                             

    Asst. Supt - Scott Allen - (781) 831-2496

    All checks for donations and payments should be made out to Beaver Cemetery and mailed to the address below.

    50 Summer Street

    East Bridgewater, MA 02333

    Mailing Address (other then checks):

    PO Box 84

    East Bridgewater, MA 02333